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Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things - DOs and DON'Ts - DOs and DON'Ts
Delicious Ghost
A blog by James Gaddy, Cliff Kuang, Chris Palazzo and Zack Soto.
Art Fag City
The Comics Curmudgeon
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Youtube video chat
Youtube video chat
Image combo game
Turntable: Play music together.
Hack a Day
Fresh hacks every day
Welcome to Springboard for the Arts' Website

Bank & Loan Stuff

Amarillo National Bank
Amarillo National Bank serving the Panhandle for 115 years. Checking, Savings, CD's and Loans. Online Banking and Mobile Banking.
Personal Banking from U.S. Bank
Let U.S. Bank help you bank smarter with checking and savings accounts, loans, banking packages, free Internet Banking with Bill Pay and much more!
Direct Loan Servicing - Home Page
Account Home
Employment Agencies In Minneapolis | Creative Employment Agencies - The Creative Group
Find creative employment agencies in the Minneapolis Twin Cities area. The Creative group provides creative and marketing staffing services on a project and full-time basis.


Koala Wallop™ | A Place for Comics
OVERCOMPENSATING: The Journal Comic With a Seething Disdain for Reality.
Cat and Girl
pictures for sad children
Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday
CAPTCHArt - CAPTCHA-inspired Art and Comics
- Artists need inspiration - Find yours in random CAPTCHA phrases and then SUBMIT THEM!
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Art and Design

Old Art

Zdzislaw Beksinski
Peter Halley - painting , installation , edition , biography , bibliography , writing
peter halley , neo geo , 1980's painting , east village artists , new york painters , geometric painters, painting , installation , edition , biography , bibliography , writing
YouTube - William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin, the Cut-ups
Ghost at n.9 (Paris)
Sharits Films
Leonardo On-Line: Art, Science and Technology
Leonardo On-Line is the web site of Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, which publishes with the MIT Press: Leonardo, Leonardo Music Journal, Leonardo Electronic Almanac. For 40 years, Leonardo has focused on artists who work with twentieth-century evolving media involving technology and science.
Google Translate
MuseumMuseum: Groupe de Recherche d'Art Visuel (GRAV)
albumn4 cc pag 036 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
albumn4 cc pag 036
Frank Popper Interview / Introduction

New Art

Jon Rafman
selected work
Michael Bell-Smith
Extended : Stay on it!
The site of artist/curator Mike Ruiz
Main : Panayiotis Terzis
Paintings by Rudy Rucker
Russell Smith - The Globe and Mail
Our architecture critic examines the world we live in
Altered Esthetics
::: The Soap Factory :::
Peter Baldes : Hypertemporality Animations
mrkor links
Midway Contemporary Art
The Artwork and words of Robert Steven Connett ~ Paintings
Paul B. Davis
Latest News - Paul B. Davis and AIDS-3D – MILLER-UREY BONG, 2010 – Seventeen Gallery, London
wave goodbye
Tim Prentice
vector poem
kaleidoskop.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) - register
Talk with pictures!
Spirit Surfers » Blog Archive » flow
Andrew Benson
black holes, the truth about: August 2007
<< artomat >>
Brian Belott: Check out NEWS section---new news February 6, 2011
This is a Magazine. Bookshops.
This is a magazine about nothing.
KONSUM - ArtServer - Slackerserver
MMAS 330: internet art
Art is not there to be simply understood, or we would have no need of art.
Springboard |
15227 porn related gifs in all styles collected from various pornsites, including a massive amount of spacer gifs.
Internet Memes On PBS [VIDEO]
Internet Memes On PBS: Rage comics, animated GIFs, Nyan Cat, and other forms of online visual culture get the respect they deserve in "Off Book" from PBS Arts. Researchers, artists, and thinkers from BuzzFeed, Know Your Meme, MemeFactory, Dump.f...
Net Art Commissions on Turbulence
Archive of net, web, and networked art commissioned for Turbulence.Home of Networked_Performance and Networked_Music_Review.
n+1: Chathexis
Tucked beneath our covers, laptops propped on our knees—is this not the posture most conducive to meaningful Gchatting? In addition to being comfortable, our beds are private; on Gchat, we must be by ourselves to best be with others. Night affords another degree of solitude: like the lights in the apartment building across the street, Gchat’s bright bulbs go out, one by one, until a single circle glows hopefully. Like Gatsby’s green light, it is the promise of happiness.
PLUGIN NOT FOUND - "Training Montage" on Vimeo
Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. Use Vimeo if you want the best tools and highest quality video in the universe.
Digital AlterNatives with a Cause? — Centre for Internet and Society
Hivos and the Centre for Internet and Society have consolidated their three year knowledge inquiry into the field of youth, technology and change in a four book collective “Digital AlterNatives with a cause?”. This collaboratively produced collective, edited by Nishant Shah and Fieke Jansen, asks critical and pertinent questions about theory and practice around 'digital revolutions' in a post MENA (Middle East - North Africa) world. It works with multiple vocabularies and frameworks and produces dialogues and conversations between digital natives, academic and research scholars, practitioners, development agencies and corporate structures to examine the nature and practice of digital natives in emerging contexts from the Global South.

Art Blogs

haque :: design + research
providence, modernism, occult, esoteric, cubes, pyramids, animated gif, the cosmos, inner space, cyberspace, ghosts, hollow earth theory, virtual reality, super computers, compression marks,...
Flickr: sarcoptiform's Photostream
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
Sometimes jpg, sometimes gif, but always kraken. Most if not all the content featured here is conceived and produced spontaneously.
The Ultimate Chill Zone
Hi there!
Eyeteeth: A journal of incisive ideas
ThinkParadox, blog di art ex dono, è una piattaforma culturale internazionale nata per condividere la nostra passione, ossessione e curiosità per l’arte, la cultura digitale e il concetto di dono nella società contemporanea ThinkParadox, art ex dono’ s blog, is an international cultural platform borned to share our passion, obsession and curiosity for art, the digital culture and the gift idea in the contemporary society.
a city blog
TRIANGULATION BLOG loves creativity and likes to see how the people express it in many different ways: photography, art installations, product design, architecture, technological and digital projects. Is a meeting point and a source of inspiration opened to artists and designers around the world.
This is a tumblr dedicated to just how much we have a distaste of the pope~. and bad fanart, mostly of the christian variety
SYTYCD » 4dancers
Look, See (2008 – )
The Pulse
Vague Terrain | Digital Art / Culture / Technology
I intern at DIS MAGAZINE I write for advertising I like DUMP.FM
shared lulz, thrills, & ooh la la
Hello. Welcome to my tumblr. You'll get ≅ 7 quality daily posts every weekday around mid-day. If available I will post all source info. Unless stated otherwise, I do not own the rights to the material...
quality shit
sally mckay and lorna mills
sally mckay and lorna mills
Art Baloney Blog
tom moody
Rhizome | Home
Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
The PorPor Books Blog: SF and Fantasy Books 1968 - 1988
Good Show Sir - Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers
Good Show Sir! Awful, terrible and simply the worst Science Fiction & Fantasy book covers for your enjoyment! Send us your terrible covers so we can document the carnage to our eyes!

Photojojo » How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panoramas
|| | Bitsbits bits_________________________________________///////////////Rosa~~~@~~~DIRDIRDIR A:??blogspot?____________________________________| ||


Miffies | Font
Toronto Gothic - Desktop font « MyFonts
Toronto Gothic font by E-phemera, from $12.00
Pen & Pixel .:: CD cover design for the Music Industry
Mr.doob | Rotozoomer
Print Liberation
Print Liberation

Art Hardware

Functional pottery, ceramic ray guns, raku pendant necklaces
Box of Clouds on the Behance Network
A tin of clouds for days with uninteresting skies.
Spoonflower: Print custom fabric on-demand
Design and buy custom fabric printed on demand. Create and upload your own textile designs and print only what you need with no minimum order.
Volvelle Tutorial » Chewing with the Paper Chipmunk


Atemporality for the Creative Artist | Beyond The Beyond
*An unrepentant sympathizer took the trouble to type up a full transcript of my speech at Transmediale 10 on February 6. *Since this volunteer made such a
Boris Groys, The Weak Universalism / Journal / e-flux
BHQFU - Irony and Utopia: History of Computer Art
Hito Steyerl, In Defense of the Poor Image / Journal / e-flux
Hyperjunk: Notes on the Installation Demands of Media Objects : Bad at Sports
Welcome to Bad at Sports a leading Art news and 60 min audio interview show that has new episodes weekly and news posted daily. Focuses on the International contemporary fine art business, education & overall industry.
Sentences on Conceptual Art
Boris Groys, Marx After Duchamp, or The Artist’s Two Bodies / Journal / e-flux



image tiling tool
Comments for Myspace, Facebook, Xanga, BlackPlanet, Xanga Comments
We specialize in text generators for many different social networks. Friendster, Facebook, orkut, Tagged, Blogger, Hi5, Live Spaces, Piczo, Freewebs, LiveJournal, BlackPlanet, myYearbook, WordPress, TypePad, Xanga, Multiply, iGoogle, NetVibes, Pageflakes. We offer the best text generators on the internet! Use one today!
Ecole de Recherche Graphique : Cursus
L'erg est une ecole d'art internationale temoin des arts de son temps.
LunaPic Online Photo Editor
Create Glitter Text - Textured Text for your website
Create your own text that has glitter or one of the available textures. You can add it to any site or your own free family website here!



Sky View Cafe - Astronomy - Star Charts and Ephemeris
lifeboxsample.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Folksonomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Collective intelligence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Draw - Google Correlate
Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.
BBC NEWS | Health | Out-of-body experience recreated
Scientists have found a way to trigger an out-of-body experience in healthy volunteers.
Visual map - Scholarpedia
Uncoiling the spiral: Maths and hallucinations
Plus Maths Magazine: Feature Article
Carl Sagan's Cosmos: Life on Jupiter
NANIA: Desert world
Boing Boing » Blog Archive » Dark energy: No, seriously, what the heck is it?

Sci Fi

Animorphs Photo Gallery
FLURB, a Webzine of Astonishing Tales.
Project Gutenberg - free ebooks online download for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader
Project Gutenberg offers over 33,000 free ebooks to download.
Chicken Little by Cory Doctorow | | Science fiction and fantasy | Stories
Chicken Little by Cory Doctorow as inspired by Frederik Pohl
EXONAUTS!: Space Station Inspiration
Space Junk – Boing Boing
Solaris - The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction | Matt Freitag: Utternerd - Mystery Science Theater 3000 - MST3K Full Episodes
Futures : Web focus : Nature
Nature is the international weekly journal of science: a magazine style journal that publishes full-length research papers in all disciplines of science, as well as News and Views, reviews, news, features, commentaries, web focuses and more, covering all branches of science and how science impacts upon all aspects of society and life.
Book: True Names
Author: Vinge Vernor, Book: True Names, Genre: фантастика
True Names
Empathy Box by Philip K. Dick from The Little Black Box
Empathy Box by Philip K. Dick: A device which allows a group of people to empathize with a single person (like television lets many people view the same broadcast). (Text quote, book citation included.)
Orion's Arm - Encyclopedia Galactica - Halogenics


The Mew Trick
Gravity Hook by Adam Atomic + Danny Baranowsky
The Sporum - The Official Spore Forum
Starmen.Net EarthBound Walkthrough
The Blood Cloud: The Game | Kafka's Koffee
Kafka's Koffee
1UP ! Full Isometric Solstice (NES) Map by


Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts Recipe -
I have tried so many versions of glazed doughnuts, and this one finally came out perfect! Just like the ones at my favorite doughnut shop.
How to Make Bagels: A User's Manual at
Read How to Make Bagels: A User's Manual - Poppy seed, onion, cinnamon-raisin, or plain, here's the ultimate recipe, plus a step-by-step guide to the process and other How To Cook articles about Cooking Primers at

Humorous lampooning of popular books via ultra-condensation.
Coupon codes and discounts for 20,000 online stores!
Find and share coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts at thousands of online stores.
Evangelion Anta Baka? T-shirt Red Size : L (Anime Toy) Cospa Evangelion
Our shop retails Evangelion Anta Baka? T-shirt Red Size : L (Anime Toy) Cospa Evangelion 285489 on the Web.
Choose a License | Basic | a simple URL shortener, a simple url shortener
Google Translate
Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish
Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers...
ArKtype supports emerging international artists in the strategic development, production and touring of new work.
Maria's Cafe
Frieze Magazine | Archive | Down the Line
Hennepin County Library - Home Page
Home Page for Hennepin County Library, providing services for Minneapolis, MN (US) and surrounding suburban areas.



Mood For A Day Tab by Yes @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Mood For A Day tab by Yes at Ultimate-Guitar.Com
I Feel Fine Tab (ver 3) by Beatles @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
I Feel Fine tab (ver 3) by Beatles at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, tabbed by PJVILL
Berry Chuck – ( JOHNNY B GOOD TAB )
Berry Chuck – ( JOHNNY B GOOD TAB )
Siberian Khatru Tab by Yes @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Siberian Khatru tab by Yes at Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Misc Soundtrack – ( PULP FICTION TAB )
Misc Soundtrack – ( PULP FICTION TAB )
Turning Japanese Tab by Vapors @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Turning Japanese tab by Vapors at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, tabbed by DanAmrich
Led Zeppelin – ( OVER THE HILLS & FAR AWAY TAB )
Bowie David – ( SPACE ODDITY TAB )
Bowie David – ( SPACE ODDITY TAB )
Stranglers – ( GOLDEN BROWN TAB )
Stranglers – ( GOLDEN BROWN TAB )
Who - ( The Who By Numbers Album tab )
From The Morning Chords by Nick Drake @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
From The Morning chords by Nick Drake at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, added on August 28, 2003
Fly tab by Nick Drake @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Fly tab by Nick Drake at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, added on August 28, 2003

Online Music

Soundtracks Homepage
The ultimate resources on the net for video game music and media.
freesound :: home page
Freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. Have you freed your sound today?
WolframTones: Generate a Composition
aM laboratory
genres psych rock electronic punk funk folk jazz misc also pizza puke (misc) the haha hut (comedy) vidkid (tape label)
d i s c s
Online Various Radio Station - Suffolk Free Radio - Powered by
Newtown Radio
Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) - HD on Vimeo
Ed Banger Records is happy to announce the release of BREAKBOT feat Irfane "Baby I'm Yours" video! It was (directed) handmade by IRINA DAKEVA @ WIZZ It is composed of approx 2000 images watercolor painted one after another (we say Aquarelle in french,...
Stinson Effect by THE CRONYIST on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
Listen to Stinson Effect by THE CRONYIST: Erik Stinson | Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with SoundCloud, the world's largest community of sound creators.
▶ Lunar Atrium mix 2: Inner Journey by LUNAR-ATRIUM
Listen to Lunar Atrium mix 2: Inner Journey by LUNAR-ATRIUM: Collage-mix of vintage electronic sounds... library, new age, soundtrack, kosmische, etc... Ripped from my personal collection (hence the... | Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with SoundCloud, the world's largest community of sound creators.
Zen Tapes
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window by YokoOno on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
Listen to Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window by YokoOno: All day long I felt like Smashing my face in a clear glass window. But instead, I went out And smashed up a phone box round the corner... | Create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere to friends, family and the world with SoundCloud, the world's largest community of sound creators.
Deep Spice Nine
1. Windows 1998 2. Bud Light Lime 3. Hedge Fund 4. Dad's Yacht Released 01 June 2011.
AURAL SECTS - a mix for Dior Nights | Aural Sects
Released 03 August 2011.
Albums by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at
Watch videos &amp; listen free to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Round And Round, Bright Lit Blue Skies &amp; more, plus 66 pictures. Ariel Pink (born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg on June 24, 1978) is a Los Angeles based experimental/pop musician. Pink boasts a cult following and endorsements from more widely known artists such as fellow founding Paw Tracks group Animal Collective. After years of recording in relative seclusion in the hills of Los Angeles, Ariel Pink (the first non-Animal Collective member on the Paw Tracks roster) made his official Paw Tracks debut with The Doldrums. Recording at home with a guitar, bass, keyboard, and 8-track (the drum sounds were created with his mouth). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
Dior Nights E-sitar
David Byrne Journal
DB's musings, reviews, polemics, tour logs, drawings, dreams, etc.
Progressive Rock Music Ultimate Discography ... with Free MP3, Videos and Reviews
Progressive Rock Music Ultimate Discography ... with Free MP3, Videos and Reviews / from, the ultimate progressive rock website
Ondes Martenot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wayne Coyne - The first person,who actually bought it, to eat the fetuses face off!!! - TwitVid
Hell Is Invisible... Heaven Is Her/e - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Philip K. Dick - How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later (Essay)
Mr. X by Carl Sagan
The Big List of RPG Plots, by S. John Ross
Every RPG plot ever in the history of the whole world ever: An arbitrary exercise by S. John Ross. No GM can afford not to read this.
Technology and New Populisms
Latin for Even More
Poetry X » Poetry Archives » T. S. Eliot » "The Hollow Men"
A web site devoted to reading, analyzing, and discussing the best in classic and contemporary poetry.
Humanity i love you by ee cummings
Humanity i love you - by ee cummings .. Humanity i love you because you would rather black the boots of success than enquire whose soul dangles from his watch-chain which would be embarrassing for both parties and because yo
brainstormer.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
Oblique Strategies
Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies card set reimplemented as a dynamic web page.
Random Oblique Strategies Online
Oblique Strategies give you simple, random creative prompts to help relieve creative block.
Random sign
Marshall McLuhan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Scene That Celebrates Itself - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
.: The Empire of Atlantium :.


Tractates Cryptica Scriptura
An Index to Creationist Claims
A comprehensive index to creationist claims
Jocko-Homo Heavenbound
Internet Sacred Text Archive Home
The Epic of Ba'al
Greta Christina's Blog: Atheists and Anger
I want to talk about atheists and anger. This has been a hard piece to write, and it may be a hard one to read. I'm not going to be as polite and good-tempered as I usually am in this...
Larry Carlson is a visionary multi media artist. Working with computers he creates artwork that is completely mind blowing.
Activating your 5th Dimensional 3rd Eye Chakra > The Lightweaver



Infrared basics for digital photographers
camerahacking :: Index
Fun With Lasers - Howto: Make a DVD Burner into a High-Powered Laser
Reflected Ultraviolet Digital Photography with improvised UV image converter
BIRD'S-EYE VIEW - April 4, 2005
Large Surplus Fresnel - Science Gifts - Edmund Scientific
My holography museum
Decoder Glasses Glasses | Buy Decoder Glasses 3D Glasses Online
Decoder Glasses: Buy best 3d Decoder Glasses glasses to watch 3D movies with world's largest online 3D glasses seller 3DMarket
Pulfrich 3D Glasses Glasses | Buy Pulfrich 3D Glasses 3D Glasses Online
Pulfrich 3D Glasses: Buy best 3d Pulfrich 3D Glasses glasses to watch 3D movies with world's largest online 3D glasses seller 3DMarket
Skweez-View Stereo Plain White Glasses | Buy Skweez-View Stereo Plain White 3D Glasses Online
Skweez-View Stereo Plain White: Buy best 3d Skweez-View Stereo Plain White glasses to watch 3D movies with world's largest online 3D glasses seller 3DMarket
Mixed Bundle - Happy Eyes™ Glasses | Buy Mixed Bundle - Happy Eyes™ 3D Glasses Online
Mixed Bundle - Happy Eyes™: Buy best 3d Mixed Bundle - Happy Eyes™ glasses to watch 3D movies with world's largest online 3D glasses seller 3DMarket
RGB led matrices with animated gifs - Limpkin's blog
Hey guys, I just came back from a trip to China! Not only was it an occasion to visit this vast country but also a good opportunity to go to the numerous electronics markets in the
Crystal ball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Olimex EEG
Project Epoc
openEyes: MobileEyeTrackerConstruction-14
Atlas Gloves: A DIY Hand Gesture Interface for Google Earth
LED Touch Sensing - LED Matrix Information - Electronics blog, worklogs, articles and guides.
My keyboard - Introduction
Tim's keycaps page
ITP sensor workshop | Reports / Flex
How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad
MOSFET Power Control Kit - SparkFun Electronics


Chemicals & Exotic Metals
Uranium Doped Radioactive Marbles
Crookes radiometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Inventables: Find new materials
Custom Lenticular Printing Products
Shapeways | Passionate about creating
Shapeways is your personal fabrication service, using 3D printing. Personalized products for YOU and BY you.
Shapeways | Forum: It arrived! => Sphere inversion
File:Galena.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
LumiGram, Luminous clothes, fiber optic clothes, fiber optic fabric, luminous fabric
Stylish Luminous Fashion Accessories and Clothes
Special Events
This TV blanket makes a great item your special event.
Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo
The Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo is ideal for robotics and basic movement projects. It is designed for continuous rotation and is easily interfaced with any Parallax microcontroller.


How NTSC composite video works (page 2)
S-video to composite video
S-video to composite video adapter
VGA pinout and signals @
Pinout of VGA and layout of 15 pin highdensity D-SUB female connector and 15 pin highdensity D-SUB male connector
ATI All-In-Wonder input from S-Video / composite Video / Audio cable pinout and signals @
Pinout of ATI All-In-Wonder input from S-Video / composite Video / Audio cable and layout of 8 pin mini-DIN male connector and 4 pin mini-DIN female connector
<MIKIMOTO Beans> HMD [uearaburu] commodity introduction sight 
Touchlib Homepage
Johnny Chung Lee - Projects - Wii
Show PC stats on analog gauges - DIY Life
Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
Adafruit Industries - SpokePOV MiniPOV x0xb0x Tools MIDIsense MintyBoost Laser Etching Gift Certificates Digg Button AVR Programmers Arduino Useful stuff BoArduino TV-B-Gone Game of Life Botanicalls YBox2 SIM reader Drawdio ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping
Synchronous Counters - Final Report
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-08 | Make Your Own Video Game System
Books, screencasts, forums, articles, and more, all aimed at helping software developers get better and have more fun. Our titles are available on paper and electronically, and all our ebooks are DRM-free. Enjoy!


Schumann Resonance at The University of Iowa
Chapter 4: Radio
Make a simple crystal radio at home with common household materials
instructables : Poor Man's Radio Telescope
Chapter 4: Radio
Make a simple crystal radio at home with common household materials Archer dual speaker AM radio headphones
These positively massive headphones are perfect for rockin out to some AM radio classics while on the move. Dual speaker with cushioned earpads. Tried and tested by us personally and work great. Requires 1 9V battery.


Ian's Shoelace Site - Shoe Lacing Methods
Iron Ring Clock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flylogic Engineering’s Analytical Blog
Homemade Marshmallows Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network
Food Network invites you to try this Homemade Marshmallows recipe from Alton Brown.
making a kotatsu | Ask Metafilter
Your Very Own Meditator
SciDAC Review - HARDWARE: Cortical Computing with Memristive Nanodevices
Make: Online : Build: An Electrified Zoetrope from recycled parts
This time we are going to be making a Zoetrope from a bunch of junk. What is a Zoetrope? Here is what I found on Wikipedia: The earliest elementary zoetrope was created in China around 180 AD by the...
LED Signs and Light Box Wholesale
Manufacture, wholesale Distributor of super thin light boxes, LED Signs, Neon Signs, LED scrolling message signs, LED super slim light boxes and other customize LED signs.
Promotional Quake Travel Speaker | Silk Screen Printed Quake Travel Speaker | Custom Imprinted Travel Logo Promotional Products by
How to Make Chinese Sky Lanterns | Confessions of a Fireworks Man
Learn how make sky lanterns, chinese paper laterns that float away, also known as fire lanterns or ufo balloons.
Robot Platform including h-bridges from $10 R/C Car
Every time I go into a store I keep an eye out for cheap stuff that's hackable.�� I've been seeing in CVS pharmacy and a few other places the Thunder...
Thermal Printer - SparkFun Electronics

To Purchase


Economy Acrylic - Acrylic Peak, Acrylic Plaque, Acrylic Triangle
Order Economy Acrylic - Acrylic Peak, Acrylic Plaque, Acrylic Triangle. Free UPS and shipped in 2 days.
Clear Acrylic Plastic Display Domes.
Clear Domes for displays, dust covers or whatever your application.
Glow in the Dark Paint - Solvent Based
Glow in the Dark Paint
Gemstone Cabochons Index
Cabochons made from semi precious gemstone materials.
Clear Extruded Half Round Rod | U.S. Plastic Corp.
Clear Extruded Half Round Rod, Be creative with clear extruded acrylic shapes. These acrylic half round rod are sold in 6 foot sections only.
Meteorological Balloons, Weather Balloons, Pilot Balloons, Sounding Balloons
Meteorological Balloons and Weather Balloons for Upper Air Measurements, Ceiling Balloons, Pilot Balloons, Sounding Balloons
This Black Thermochromic Temperature change paint pigment will turn clear at 86 degrees F
This black temperature changing thermochromic custom paint mix is the same quality pigment that you will find in more expensive thermochromic paints, and will turn clear at 86 degrees F.


Glow Sticks and Light Sticks: Infrared Glow Sticks (Infra-Red)
Infrared glow sticks for military use. Clearly mark targets at night with our military grade infra-red glow sticks
star master Projector toy (romantic gift) so beautiful
star master Projector toy (romantic gift) so beautiful
Led Jelly Odm digital watch Led bracelet watch More colors Freeshipping -$ from Online Marketplace at
Top quality Led Jelly Odm digital watch Led bracelet watch More colors Freeshipping merchandise from
USD 6.31 China Wholesale Digital 1.1 Inch LCD Pictures Album Photo Frame Keychain Cheap Bulk Prices Direct Factory Supplier
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OEM Pill usb, Find complete details about pill usb,pill usb,usb from Shenzhen Goodwill Technology Limited. You may also find other pill usb,pill usb,usb products or USB Flash Drives suppliers and USB Flash Drives manufacturers on
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2GB Flash Drive Grab Bag
Minikin I USB Drives | Minikin I Flash Drive | Minikin I USB Flash Drives
Minikin I USB Flash Drives offered by who specialize in the distribution of custom personalized, promotional, USB flash drives.
Pill USB Drives | Pill Flash Drive | Pill USB Flash Drives
Pill USB Flash Drives offered by who specialize in the distribution of custom personalized, promotional, USB flash drives.
Classically Styled USB Flash Drive for Logo Customization
Micca Store
Glow in the Dark Paper (1 meter square) [] - $68.00 : Petes Luminous Creations, Towards a Glowing Future
Glow in the dark photo paper sold in rolls. Suitable for all ink jet printers.
General Escape Indication Signs [] - $19.00 : Petes Luminous Creations, Towards a Glowing Future
Various safety signs that glow in the dark.
Photoluminescent Exit Signs in Stock - ULINE
Uline stocks a huge selection of Photoluminescent Exit Signs, Exit Signs Glow In The Dark and Glow In The Dark Exit Sign. Order by 6 pm for same day shipping. Over 23,000 products in stock. 8 Locations across USA, Canada and Mexico for fast delivery of Glow-In-The-Dark Signs.
Cosco® Exit Sign - Glow in the Dark, 8" x 12" | Staples®
Staples®. has the Cosco® Exit Sign - Glow in the Dark, 8' x 12' you need for home office or business. Shop our great selection, read product reviews and receive FREE delivery on all orders over $50.
Space Water Gun
Space Water Gun Space Water Gun Our Space Water Guns make for a great Space Party Favor! They come in assorted designs and colors. Note: 1 Water Gun per order Space Water Gun is approximately 5'' x 4''
Plastic Space Squirt Guns | Wholesale & Closeout Prices
Closeouts, liquidations and below wholesale prices on 1000s of items as low as a penny each! No minimums, fast service and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Buying guide : Suite editions | CS5.5 Family
Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets [v1.1] ID: 19 - $99.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets [v1.1] ID: 19 - SuperMegaSpecial! Get three SpokePOV kits in one color only, a dongle and 2 magnets for less than $100! Great setup for 1 wheel. Be sure to read the individual pages about the Kit, Dongle, and Magnet before purchasing, OK?
iBall + 3D Full Color Display Device  ( & Fanscreen, Wallscreen & SignLine too!)
XGS AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS AVR 8-Bit Development System
Spinthariscopes : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies
United Nuclear : Spinthariscopes - What's New Radiation and Nuclear Chemistry Tools And Equipment Electronic & Electrical General Science General Interest Neodymium Magnets Gift Certificates Large Uranium Metal Samples Restricted to UPS Only Elements High Voltage Equipment Solar Power High Power Lasers Chemistry, physics, biology, radioactive
Kaleidoscope Aviator Sunglasses Hologram Sunglasses with Kaleidoscope lenses
Holographic Aviator SunglassesThese novelty sunglasses feature an aviator sunglass frame with a holographic mirrored kaleidoscope lens. Put these on and everyone will wonder where did you get those!Mirror AC Lenses with kaleidoscope hologram lensUV400
80's - mogul circular framed sunglasses (more colors) - 80's | 80's Purple
80's - Mogul Circular framed Sunglasses (More Colors) BOOB RADIO "TURN HER ON" FM/AM BATTERY OPERATED RADIO: Electronics BOOB RADIO "TURN HER ON" FM/AM BATTERY OPERATED RADIO: Electronics
Welcome to Trading Jackets
Arduino - HomePage


A Custom Deck of Playing Cards
Custom Mouse Pads, Promotional Mouse Pads, Personalized Mouse Pads, Custom Printed Mouse Pads, Custom Imprinted Mouse Pads
Custom Mouse Pads at Quality Logo Products. Your source for promotional mouse pads, personalized mouse pads, custom printed mouse pads and custom imprinted mouse pads
Beveled Rectangle Acrylic Paperweight Award : Peoria Awards | Custom Plaques | Customized Trophies
Beveled Rectangle Acrylic Paperweight Award
Yves GENTET, Ultimate Holography. The Art & Science laboratory.
10% off catalog printing services and free catalog design templates! Photo Decorative Pillow Sham: Photo Products
Shop Low Prices on: Photo Decorative Pillow Sham : Photo Products
Photo Mousepad -
Add this photo mousepad to your home or office at an every day low price from
Personalized Rugs - Turn Your Pictures into a Photo Rug!
We can turn any photo or image into a personalized Photo Rug | Use your photos or search our gallery of over 7 million images! | ONLY at
Photo Blankets | Photo Blanket | Photo Pillows | Photo Wall Hanging Photo Tote Bag | Photoweavers
Photoweavers turns digital photos into woven photo blankets, woven photo wall hangings, woven photo tote bags and woven photo pillows - Unique Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion!


Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL335 - SparkFun Electronics
AeroQuad Forums - AeroQuad - The Open Source Quadcopter
This site provides all the information needed to build your own quadcopter!
The FLED Solar Engine
Ever wanted to make a BEAM robot, but�couldn't�find a easy circuit to build? Well introducing the FLED solar engine! The robot works by collecting sun...
SCC2433B-MSE - 24 x 33mm Monocrystalline Solar Cell + MSE Circuit « Products « Solarbotics
<p>This epoxy-encapsulated monocrystalline solar cell generates a nominal 4.5V / 18mA (sunlight) from a 24x33mm package. And has an integrated solarengine circuit board!</p>
Miller Solar Engine - BEAM Robotics Wiki


Game Programming

Arthouse Games
Kokoromi Collective - gamma 256
Java:Tutorials:Graphics - GPWiki
Reading/Loading an Image (The Java™ Tutorials > 2D Graphics > Working with Images)
Template:Java:Tutorials - GDWiki - Articles and Resources is the leading resource for game developers, featuring daily news updates, over 1500 featured articles and tutorials, and the most active game development forums anywhere!
Essential Math for Games Programmers
Ultimate Java Image Manipulation
Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Art Games
December 1st 2005: Artgames
Examples \ Processing 1.0 (BETA)
Processing is an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas. It is a context for learning fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the electronic arts.
Game Maker Community (Powered by Invision Power Board)
selectbutton :: View topic - GOAL! COURSE CLEAR

Generative Stuff

A Webwide World by Ken Perlin, NYU, 1998
Perlin Noise
Functions as trees |
Maths for (Games) Programmers
Langton's ant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Artificial Life Lab
AT&T Labs Natural Voices® Text-to-Speech Demo
Learning Processing: Chapter 13: Example 13-5: Polar to Cartesian
Learning Processing
The Ultimate Video Feedback Page

Image editing

Dirk’s Photo Blog » Blog Archive » Tutorial: Create Your Own Planets
Dynamic Ranger
Augmented Reality - junaio… your mobile companion
junaio allows you to create, explore and share information in a completely new way using augmented reality.
nasty nets » MS Paint secrets revealed
Amsterdam Library of Object Images (ALOI) - Homepage
Amsterdam Library of Object Images (ALOI)
libcaca/study/introduction – Caca Labs

Web Stuff

Geek to Live: How to set up a personal home web server - Lifehacker
by Gina Trapani Last updated: September 2006 A web server is software that continuously runs on a computer and allows other computers to download documents from it.
Geek to Live: How to access a home server behind a router/firewall - Lifehacker
by Gina Trapani Recent Lifehacker features have covered how to run a personal web server, how to control your home computer from anywhere, and how to set up a personal wiki. - is the easiest way to determine your IP address.
DynDNS -- Dynamic DNS -- Frequently Asked Questions
Fun with CSS Transforms in Firefox 3.1 and Webkit - zachstronaut
3D transforms in Firefox 3.5 – the isocube ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Tutorials:How jQuery Works - jQuery JavaScript Library
jQuery API
Web Site Development - TCC Disaster Recovery VISTA Project
This site contains resources for TCC Disaster Recovery AmeriCorps*VISTA Members and their Site Supervisors.
-moz-transform - MDC
CSS Image Opacity / Transparency
Free HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript DHTML XML DOM XSL XSLT RSS AJAX ASP ADO PHP SQL tutorials, references, examples for web building.
CSS2 Reference
Ascii Table - ASCII character codes and html, octal, hex and decimal chart conversion
Ascii character table - ascii ascii ascii ascii and ascii...conversions
Free Online Unicode Character Map
Interactive map with buttons for selecting arbitrary Unicode characters for copying and pasting into other applications
Windows Alt keycodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Canvas Tutorial - Introduction
Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents (Browser safe fonts) - Web design tips & tricks
A list with the common fonts to all versions of Windows and their Mac equivalents, useful when creating websites.
DreamHost Web Panel > Home : Welcome
net2ftp - a web based FTP client
net2ftp is a web based FTP client. It is mainly aimed at managing websites using a browser. Edit code, upload/download files, copy/move/delete directories recursively, rename files and directories -- without installing any software. - Artwork by Duncan Alexander
Index of /images/other
Index of /images/vectors
An application for previewing a word of your choice with the fonts installed on your computer. Works directly from your browser.
Real-time HTML Editor
Human Kibble
Web Magick
Index of /images
Weird Tags: Explains the three values for the BEHAVIOR attribute of the MARQUEE tag. Part of a complete reference to this weird tag.
A Whole Bunch of Amazing Stuff Pseudo Elements Can Do | CSS-Tricks
It's pretty amazing what you can do with the pseudo elements :before and :after. For every element on the page, you get two more free ones that you can do just about anything another HTML element could do. They unlock a whole lot of interesting design possibilities without negatively affecting the semantics of your markup. Here's a whole bunch of those amazing things. A roundup, if you will.
WebGL - MDC Docs
The Lessons | Learning WebGL
Index of /images/dump
jpegcam - Capture JPEG webcam images on your website and submit to your server. - Google Project Hosting
Instructions - jpegcam - Introduction and Usage Instructions - Capture JPEG webcam images on your website and submit to your server. - Google Project Hosting
A way to link to a specific part of a youtube video
Is there a way to link to a specific part of a YouTube video? Yes.
AutoScroll Plugin for jQuery »
weepy/jquery.path - GitHub
jquery.path - Animatation for arcs and bezier curves with jQuery
Index of /images/rotors
Mozilla Labs » DemoParty
3D and Animation, Graphical Patching in the Browser, with vvvv – vvvv.js
The home for visualists

For Hardware

Petr Simandl - PC keyboard communication protocol
This page describes the communication protocol of PC keyboard.
Physical Computing at ITP | Labs / Serial Out using an Arduino

Accessing Macbook Air and Windows 7 PC on Same Network -
I've been trying to get my Snow Leopard Macbook Air and my Windows 7 PC to play nice on my network. This means both computers seeing each other. Now I

Grad Schools

Graduate application requirements by program : SAIC - School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Internationally esteemed as a school of art and design, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) offers a comprehensive college education centered in the visual and related arts.
M.F.A. Studio Art - How To Apply - M.F.A. Studio Art - NYU Steinhardt
The application deadline for the MFA program is January 15. All materials must be&nbsp;received&nbsp;by this date. All applications must be submitted to the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development Office of&nbsp;Graduate Admissions. Follow the instructions outlined by Office o
Graduate Program in Computer Generated Art: Computer Art Education & Computer Art Class at the School of Visual Arts
SVA's graduate computer art school is a rigorous and practice-based program. Faculty in the graduate program in computer-generated art program are leading industry professionals who provide expert, individualized instruction. Learn more about graduate computer art education at SVA.
Alfred University : Admissions : Graduate Requirements

Google Search
Google Image Search
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Flickr: Search

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